Esquire Singapore is the leading publication for the sophisticated thinking man.
Our mission? To inspire men to build a life that matters.

Founded in September 2012, Esquire Singapore is produced by a crop of respectable writers, photographers, illustrators, and collaborators. Known for its powerful storytelling and ground-breaking photography, delivered in its signature wit, Esquire continues to steward men to their best in Singapore and beyond.

Esquire was first published in the United States in 1933 and, since then, has developed a reputation for pushing boundaries and mentoring talent—with literary giants such as Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Norman Mailer (amongst many others) all finding their voice with the magazine.

Esquire Singapore's Digital Big Black Book

The first Esquire Singapore Big Black (Digital) Book, launched in mid-April 2019, with the goal to provide a platform to readers to engage with fashion and style content on-the-go when shopping. It is intentionally designed to be fun and interactive to increase top-of-mind product and brand recall when composed to a static print presentation.


The example here shows a split-screen video – one side colored, and one side in black & white. When the user hovers either side, a different video plays on each side. The split-screen video layout can be horizontal or diagonal. Main objective of the split-screen is to highlight juxtaposition or similarities of the same collection, or even the different looks offered from a single brand.

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Vidy videos are videos that can be embedded in an article and are identified through highlighted text in the story, prompting the user to hover them. Once that happens, a small video appears (which can be formatted to most shapes). Once the video is tapped, it expands to a bigger view. Vidy videos enable the user to watch the video while remaining on the same webpage without leaving it. For BMW, we showed how their Intelligent Personal Assistant can help ease their driving load (checking of the following = GPS, tire pressure & engine oil level, music controls).

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Esquire Events

With an aim to build a life that matters for men and women, Esquire Singapore hosts immersive experiences bringing to life the different facets of the magazine all while creating meaningful conversations, building communities and enabling creativity.

This includes Esquire Shophouse (2018) and Esquire Neighbourhood (2019) – two signature events that saw a turn out of 500 to 7000 event goers respectively.

With a specially curated program that included a series of online and offline activations for Esquire readers, Esquire talks, workshops, masterclasses, music performances, fitness classes and games, this was a never-been-done before event.
Esquire Shophouse (2018)
Esquire Neighbourhood (2019)
Esquire April 2019
The Artificial Intelligence Issue

Specifically created for Esquire Singapore by AI consulting company QLX, our artificially intelligent editor bot curated algorithm-based content for the team to write, and contributed its own stories as well. You read that right. AI Squire wrote its own articles. Even answered some of our toughest questions: do you dream of taking over the world and enslaving mankind?